Dear listener,

This album was recorded in the attic of  two friends of mine, Michael and Matthew, whom I got to know after a concert at the Ancient Trance Festival.
We were working on it in the summer of 2015, nearly a year after I picked up my guitar again.
The recording for this album was made in two days only. The first day Pernilla and I arrived together and out of our loose vision and little practice came the songs in which you can hear the violin on this album. Those songs could be categorised somwhere between improvisation and variation. The second day I came alone to play my own songs. Some fully written and some only vaguely outlined.

One little exception has to be mentioned. The song Orbe was recorded close to the Ammersee together with Martina, where I happened to stay during one of my travels.


1. Aurora
2. Cuban dance
3. Davids Song (sung by violin)
Download 4. Fire
5. Air
6. The spirit of Estas
7. Reccuring of thoughts
Download 8. A Song of Longing
9. Energies of Creation
10. Orbe