Lunng und Luna – Germany

This project is based in Germany and Denmark.
Instruments used: Violin and guitar.

This collaboration is heavily influenced by klezmer and gypsy music.
Both musicians highly appreaciate those genres. And through travels and studies they have developed their own approach to it.

Pernilla Fuchs is a classically trained musician who finished her music studies in Arnheim, Denmark. She is touring with her band Saffron Sun, as well as with her singer songwriter project.

Pernilla and Lunng met at the World Music Festival.
While playing somewhere on the festival ground they gathered a huge crowd. After this they got introduced to the festival organiser, who kindly gave them a place on stage.
Inspired by this quick start, they recorded a demo together and continued their journey for a while. Due to Pernillas studies in Denmark “their ways have parted”, but every now and then a concert is played together.
Among those are a performance at the “Ancient Trance Festival” and a private concert inside the cathedral of Cologne.