A Night in Odessa

A Night in Odessa

A Night in Odessa captures the rare event of two musicians playing together for the first time.  It is an ode to the joy of organic music that doesnt need many words or rules. Music that comes into existance naturally in the very moment of performing.  Usually moments like this are not caught on tape, but thanks to the host of these concerts who thoughtfully set up microphones beforehand it has been captured.

After experiencing the place where music comes for quite some time, I came to realise that it is indeed hard to find when knowing that you are being recorded.
Those days we played together no one was thinking about recording an album, so there was no reason to feel uptight. And when we listened to the audio later we where quite suprised about the results. With time the thought of releasing the album grew and I believe that music lovers will hear the lovelyness of its stories.  – Lunng

” That evening was the first time in my life I heared something from myself in my play”
– Vladimir Gittin

This record consists of a session at which Vladimir and Lunng met for the first time and a concert shortly afterwards (without rehearsal in between the concerts)

Part I – Concert

Found a Piano

Part II – Session